A broken-hearted man finds comfort in a Chihuahua and saves over 30 small dogs, showing how companionship and compassion can heal


But then, Bobby's life abruptly changed when his marriage of 17 years fell apart. He was heartbroken, fell into a deep depression and even he wanted to end his own life. However, his friend Connie refused to leave his side and helped him through this dark period.

"My friend, Connie, had shown me what friendship really meant. No matter what I needed, she was there for me. Needless to say, I feel I owe to her quite a bit." Bobby told I Heart Dogs.

One day, Connie asked Bobby if he would take care of her beloved Chihuahua Lady in for a while. He was hesitant as he had met Lady before and she had seemed unfriendly. Not to mention, Humphreys used to make fun of men like him who had small dogs like Lady. Still, Bobby decided to help his friend because he felt that he owed Connie. His decision ended up saving not only his life, but the lives of 30 Chihuahuas as well.